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Awareness art collection 

Details: White outdoor sculpture - Approximately 2 meters in size

In 2017, Quays Culture in Manchester entrusted the visionary artist Tim Boin with an extraordinary task: to create an oversized outdoor exhibition that could convey essential narratives through the medium of art. Tim's response to this challenge was truly exceptional – he envisioned and meticulously crafted four monumental sculptures: the Bear, Bee, Whale, and Squirrel.

Within the confines of Tim Boin's studio, these magnificent sculptures came to life, each bearing witness to the artist's unwavering dedication and unwavering commitment to the cause. Yet, as night descended, these sculptures underwent a captivating transformation: they were gracefully illuminated. Tim Boin harnessed the art of projection mapping, layering these sculptures with captivating visual narratives, making them come alive as mesmerizing nocturnal storytellers.

Fast forward to 2020, and Awareness Art, an initiative founded by the Groei & Bloei Foundation, took up the mantle of this noble undertaking. These sculptures, including the awe-inspiring 'Majestic Bear,' became beacons of awareness, casting light on the perilous challenges faced by these animals due to human-driven habitat destruction.

Standing before the 'Majestic Bear,' you are not merely beholding an imposing sculpture; you are immersed in a profound narrative. This sculpture encapsulates stories of the wild, the significance of apex predators in our ecosystems, and the urgent need to protect their natural habitats.

The 'Majestic Bear' transcends its massive physical form to deliver a powerful message. It serves as a call to action, an invitation to contemplate our role in the preservation of the natural world, and a reminder of our collective responsibility as stewards of our planet.

This remarkable sculpture is more than art; it is a symbol of hope, a beacon of awareness, and a tribute to the enduring resilience of nature. It beckons us to stand united in safeguarding the world we share with these remarkable creatures, ensuring that they continue to thrive in our ecosystems for generations to come."


Details: White outdoor sculpture - Approximately 3 meters in size

optional projection mapping installation 

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