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Jewels of the sea



Stainless steel sculpture - embed with diachronic glass 

Step into the captivating realm of 'Dolphin's Dance', a breathtaking synthesis of artistry and innovation that celebrates the timeless allure of the ocean. This extraordinary sculpture begins with a singular vision - a graceful dolphin, meticulously hand-sculpted to perfection. Every sinuous curve and intricate detail is a testament to the artist's passion and expertise, breathing life into this magnificent marine creature.

Prepare to be entranced by the harmonious convergence of art and technology that brings 'Dolphin's Dance' to life. The sculpture embarks on a remarkable transformation as it is meticulously scanned into a 3D model, a process employing the same cutting-edge technology favored by SpaceX for their starships. This fusion of artistic expression and technological marvel showcases the boundless potential of human creativity.

Forged from premium stainless steel, 'Dolphin's Dance' embodies both strength and grace. Three months of painstaking grinding and polishing ensure that it emanates a timeless, lustrous sheen that commands attention wherever it is showcased.

However, the infusion of dichroic glass truly sets 'Dolphin's Dance' apart. This remarkable material refracts light into its spectral components, bestowing the sculpture with a dynamic and ever-changing allure. As light dances upon its surface, the sculpture undergoes a breathtaking metamorphosis, beckoning you to explore the depths of its ever-evolving beauty.

This sculpture harbours a captivating secret: its primarily hollow structure acts as an infinity mirror, reflecting light and facets into an endless continuum. This unexpected addition introduces an entirely new dimension to the artwork, creating an immersive and mesmerizing experience.

'Dolphin's Dance' debuted at the prestigious Art Week Miami in 2019, gracing the iconic W South Beach Hotel with its presence. It stood as a beacon of creativity and artistry in one of the world's most esteemed art events, captivating the hearts and minds of art enthusiasts from around the globe.

Now, the opportunity has arisen for you to make 'Dolphin's Dance' a cherished part of your life. It transcends mere art; it becomes an experience, a catalyst for conversation, and an enduring investment. Explore our gallery, delve deeper into the essence of this exceptional sculpture, and envision the beauty and wonder it can bring to your surroundings.

'Dolphin's Dance' invites you to immerse yourself in the ocean's enchantment as never before. It's a symphony of art, technology, and the wonders of the sea, all captured in a sculpture that will leave you enchanted and inspired."

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