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A Vision of the Universe Through Art

Boin's artistic journey culminates in his profound and visually captivating pieces that marry technology with sacred geometry. His art installations and sculptures are a testament to his dedication to unveiling the intricate tapestry of the universe's laws. His work has been exhibited in esteemed galleries and museums worldwide and has earned a place in the collections of private and corporate collectors.

As an artist who seamlessly blends art with technology, Boin's creations continue to explore the interplay between geometry, light, and spirituality. His pieces invite viewers to consider the profound nature of reality and their place within it. Through Tim Boin's art, the universe's hidden codes are illuminated, connecting us all to the fundamental essence of creation.

Tim Boin: Illuminating the Universe Through Geometry, Light, and Art

Tim Boin, born on October 18th, 1985 in the historical city of Delft, Netherlands, is an artist whose work transcends traditional artistic boundaries. Inspired by the intricate relationship between geometry, light, matter, and spirituality, Boin's creations invite viewers to contemplate the fundamental nature of existence itself.

Early Years and Educational Journey

From a young age, Boin exhibited a natural inclination towards creativity and artistic expression. His childhood was marked by a fascination with art, leading him to experiment with various forms and techniques. Mathematics and language, subjects that initially posed challenges, took on a new dimension when Boin stumbled upon a book filled with geometric shapes and mathematical equations in his grandfather's attic. This discovery ignited a passion for geometry and mathematics that would shape his artistic journey.

Boin's education took him through a trajectory that blended his artistic aspirations with his fascination for geometry. He attended art schools, including the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam, where his interest in street art and murals blossomed. Later, he pursued studies in interior design and ultimately earned his Masters in Fine Art from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Parallel to his artistic pursuits, Boin delved into the realm of mathematics and natural sciences at the Technical University of Delft, influenced by the works of artists like Escher and mathematical principles.

The Intersection of Art and Technology

As Boin's artistic journey unfolded, he embarked on a parallel path of entrepreneurship. In 2007, he co-founded Sound Kings, a creative production company. This marked the beginning of his venture into combining creativity with technology, a hallmark of his later work.

In 2009, Boin's collaboration with a group of graffiti artists led to the inception of Sober Collective, a collaborative effort aimed at enriching public spaces with innovative forms of art. This initiative served as a platform for Boin to further explore the intersection of technology, creativity, and public engagement.

Geometry, Light, and the Essence of Creation

Boin's art is a fusion of geometry, light science, and spirituality. Influenced by the belief that geometry underpins the universe's laws, his creations resonate with the interconnectedness of all things. His sculptures and interactive installations often mirror patterns and shapes found in nature and the physics of living organisms. Through his work, Boin delves into the sacred geometry that resonates across cultures and spiritual traditions, aiming to create an awareness of the fundamental reality of existence.

The relationship between geometry, light, and harmony is a central theme in Boin's work. He draws inspiration from the mystery of creation, exploring the connections within the Fibonacci sequence and its reflection in the natural world. Boin's art becomes a vehicle for viewers to experience the profound beauty and complexity of the universe, transcending rational analysis and resonating with the heart's understanding.

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